Optimizing Our 4500 Square Foot Plant Layout

We occupy about 4500 square feet and it’s split into 2 rooms basically. We call them plant 1 and plant 2 – mostly as a joke. We’re pretending we are larger than we actually are.

Plant 1 is where all the welding and fabrication takes place. Plant 2 is where all the machining and high tolerance work takes place. Currently there are 2 VMC’s in plant 2, one of which is more than 2 decades old and we don’t use it too often. Hopefully that machine will be on its way out soon.

As we plan for the future we are trying to figure out what will and what won’t fit we made this scale model. I was going to 3D print everything but cardboard was a little easier. The dream would be getting a CNC Lathe and a 5 axis mill in here. This is the winning layout so far. We still need to wiggle in a quality control and inspection work area plus some other stuff.

I’ve always admired shops that are cramped but still maintain a super efficient work flow because I know how challenging it is. Is this all going to happen in 2022 probably not but it is on the horizon.

We’re still looking for a full time machinist! If you want to help us build this vision put in an application!