Raw material is a blank canvas. Creativity holds the key to turning the material into virtually anything and we make that process easy for you while we do the heavy lifting.

We want difficult projects, including unique fabrication challenges that have remained unsolved.

Fabrication Process

We apply our effort and precision to the material transforming it to provide the specific utility that you need. This process usually starts with sawing material, CNC plasma cutting and moves to bending, forming, or welding. Finishing can include grinding, painting or powder coating.

We have the resources and flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing needs and requirements. This means a continual evaluation of existing and new equipment, technologies, processes, and standards to ensure your projects are handled efficiently and effectively.

Our Capabilities

MIG Welding – mild steel and stainless steel
TIG Welding – aluminum, stainless and mild steel
Forming and Bending72” max. length
CNC Plasma Cutting – 5/8” thick steel, 4’ x 8’ work envelope
Sanding & Sand Blasting
Assembly – Size limit is roughly 10’ cubed, 5000 lbs. max weight 

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