Smart Design

We are specialists when it comes to mechanical design and bringing your ideas to life. We will take what lives in your imagination and help you refine it into concrete ideas, critical dimensional information, and material specifics. Smart design leads to a smooth manufacturing process.

Execution of wild ideas can lead to manufacturing brilliance.
We have no fear of failing while attempting to be innovative.

Design Process

Our straightforward design process starts with a conversation to gain a full understanding of function, constraints, and other design limitations. Then we put our technical expertise to use, providing a turnkey CAD deliverable which includes a solid model, blueprints, and bill of materials. We can design a 3D model based on your idea, improve an existing design, or prepare your design for prototyping and manufacture. We can also work through your design with you to reduce manufacturing costs.


Our prototyping services offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to your project. Every prototyping project goes through the same detailed process to ensure the prototype and final product meet the requirements of our customers.

Where are you at in the process?

1. Napkin

2. Design / DFM / Analyze

3. Prototype

4. Machine and Fab

5. Part Production

We work with people in all stages of manufacturing, from a drawing on a napkin to production and the final product.

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