case study

Redesigning the skiver

Vitaldyne is a medical device manufacturing company that builds components and manages device assemblies for other companies.

Design +


Vitaldyne had an existing skiver fixture with a razor blade that was very hard to change once installed, and it was not user-friendly. To replace the blades, the operator had to call someone from engineering to make that change, taking a significant amount of time because there were several positions the blade could assume. It was a guessing game as far as accuracy. A razor blade in the wrong position could easily cause damage in the product that the skiver is used for.


MTS modified the design of the skiver fixture so Vitaldyne could replace the razor blade more easily. Tobias and his team were able to dial in the blade more accurately and more quickly than with the previous design. The design modification MTS made was more efficient, consisting of an adjustment screw and blade assembly holder that was very precise, permitting operators to replace blades themselves so engineering didn’t have to come in to make the change.

The Process

Vitaldyne showed MTS what the issue was and gave Tobias a few scrap pieces to work with so he could familiarize himself with the parts and necessary dimensions. After MTS developed the design and got it approved, MTS fabricated the tool and delivered it to Vitaldyne. In addition to manufacturing the skiver, Tobias and his team trained the operators and other personnel at Vitaldyne on how to properly use it.

The operators were very thankful for the design modification, and everyone really appreciated the effort that MTS put in designing this fixture.

About the Tool

A skiver is a hand tool used in the manufacture of catheters. Catheters are formed with a protective heat shrink tubing on the outside. This tubing needs to be removed towards the end of the manufacturing process. The operator uses the razor blade in the skiving tool, scoring the heat shrink tubing but not touching the soft body catheter underneath.

One of the things I liked about working with MTS was if we were having an issue I could always call, and they would answer or if they couldn’t, I would leave a message and they’d get back to me. The service was pretty good that way so that was very helpful.

The ability of MTS to understand what we were looking for in the modification and design was right on target. And they gave us a good, workable fixture that made our job easier and it was more accurate and user-friendly. Tobias and his team moved along at a reasonable pace, and the turnaround time was more than adequate for us and we’re very pleased with that. I would use their services again.

Greg Lindbom

Engineering Technician