case study

Buiilding the new camera pod

James Aarestad is the Founder of Eagle Eye Photography and has been in the aerial imagery business for 15 years, specializing in camera systems that attach to aircrafts for different industries and purposes including utility inspections for wide network coverage, aerial surveillance for law enforcement and aerial mapping for the government.

Eagle Eye Photography operates a lean team which includes part-time engineers and pilots. For their manufacturing needs, MTS is their go to provider.

DesiGn +
Machining +


James had a rough design for a new camera pod but needed guidance on how to get his idea to a final, functional design that could be produced. His original design included components that were either very costly to make or something not actually possible to make.


Tobias and his team at MTS helped James refine his design in such a way that the design became machinable, bridging the gap between what’s drawn on the computer and what can be done in real life. MTS also provided design advice on changing certain parts to save on production costs.

Once the design of parts was finalized, MTS proceeded to machine those parts, keeping James in the loop for the entire process. MTS machined the frame for the camera using a four-axis milling machine, machining the 133-pound stock piece of aluminum, down to an intricate eleven-pound camera pod chassis.

After all the parts were approved, the last step was a fabrication to create the final product.

What I like about working with MTS the most is their flexibility and innovation, as well as their willingness and perseverance to get my problem solved. At a big company, you are just a number. It’s hard to develop a relationship with a company with hundreds of machines or employees, like the relationship I have with Mark and Tobias, based on mutual trust and respect. I highly recommend Metal Trade Solutions and I love doing business with them.

James Aarestad

Founder of Eagle Eye Photography