Understanding MTS

We believe that creativity belongs in manufacturing.

What We Do

Metal Trade Solutions is a metal working job shop. That means we do work on a job-by-job basis and our shop is not setup to do ultra-specific work. Our workflow is highly adaptable allowing us the freedom to use our creativity to design, machine and fabricate parts, components, and products. We are set up with several highly technical and diverse workstations and our system is purposely built to handle a large variety of work as effectively, efficiently, and as economically as possible.

We offer quality design, fabrication, and machining services with a personal touch, taking pride in getting to know our customers and understanding their goals. No matter what stage of development you are in, we will work with you to make your vision a reality.

"We take pride in getting to know our customers and understanding their goals."

“We believe in the future of modern American manufacturing…”

What We Believe

We believe that bringing creativity into manufacturing allows us to help you succeed. Our goal is to partner with you and that often means a phone call or face-to-face meeting. Call us old-fashioned but we believe a handshake still means something. Our desire to get things done means taking action and solving problems without wasting time. In our experience, this is what produces the highest quality, least expensive part or product. We pair our ingenuity, creativity, and manufacturing knowledge with our tools and software to solve complex problems and get the job done.

American manufacturing has a long, complex history. It was once the powerhouse of the American economy. Today it has the stigma of being a dark, dirty, and non-fulfilling career. We strive to change this perception because we believe in the future of modern American manufacturing and the highly technical, clean, high wage career pathways it offers. We take pride in working with individuals and companies that believe the same. We do all we can to be an example of everything that is great about American manufacturing and showing how much opportunity our industry provides.

What We Make

MTS products are the creative expression of not just mechanical design, fabrication, or machining but the integration of all three. Designing and producing a product in America has become increasingly difficult but that’s what we love – the challenge. The comprehensive process of bringing a product to market via designing for manufacturability is what keeps us excited and moving forward every day. We take pride in designing and manufacturing ultra-durable products that will last for generations – right here in the USA.

“Products that will last for generations…”

Our Story

MTS Founders, Tobias Flood and Mark Eiden, met at St. Cloud Technical & Community College in their first year of the Machine Tool Technology program. They soon found that they had a lot in common, and both knew that upon completion of their schooling, they didn’t want to work as traditional machinists, bonding over the desire to see more creativity in manufacturing and leveraging their entrepreneurial spirits to create something new. After completing their second year of the Machine Tool Technology program and earning their degrees, Tobias and Mark moved forward with business courses in preparation for opening their own machine shop. Entering the workforce directly out of school, they worked nights and weekends to begin the process of renovating an old creamery that would become the future home of Metal Trade Solutions.

As students, and as manufacturing employees, Tobias and Mark experienced first-hand the rigidity of typical manufacturing firms that are set in old processes with little opportunity for change. This is why Metal Trade Solutions set out to create an environment embracing creativity and flourishing in the freedom to design, ideate and create.

MTS began with metal art production offered directly to consumers to help finance their first machine purchases, but as soon as the machines were installed, they hit the ground running with industry-based jobs. A few of their earliest commercial projects included components for agricultural applications, basic machine parts, and consumer solutions for activities of daily living.

Tobias Flood

Growing up Tobias spent his spare time taking things apart and rebuilding them. Motivated to learn how to build things using metals led him to spend hours at the machine shop at his high school. His entrepreneurial spirit began with his first lawn-mowing business at 14. Always looking for the next solution, Tobias brings his creative mind to every aspect of the business.

Mark Eiden

Mark grew up on a dairy farm and has been repairing and welding around the farm since a young age. When steel arrives at the shop, he sees a blank canvas that can be turned into virtually anything. Mark loves helping people achieve their manufacturing goals. His grit and work-ethic keep the shop, and the business, moving forward with each new challenge.

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