Creativity in Manufacturing

Bring your CAD designs to life with custom manufacturing available for all your production needs including prototypes, and small batch or large- scale production. We seek the thrill of confronting manufacturing challenges and surpassing your expectations.

We pair our ingenuity, manufacturing knowledge, equipment, and software to deliver solutions.

Mechanical and Manufacturability Design

Need support in your design and manufacturing? We can take a look at your CAD and guide you through the process of efficient and effective prototyping.

Welding and

We have experience constructing everything from complex machinery to simple tools to major pieces of building structures. We cut, form, bend, assemble and weld metal into stairs, ramps, railings, walkways, frames, chutes, guards, etc.


Need a part replacement? We have the capabilities to duplicate your part and construct it using the same materials. The materials we work with include steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.

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